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The Vela tie is a woven, polyester fabric tie that showcases the designs of the traditional Tongan culture. This tie features the fata a tu’i Tonga design and the tokelaufeletoa design. 

In a traditional technique called lashing, coconut husk rope was artistically tied and woven together to hold together structure of the buildings and housing in Tonga before nails were introduced. The fata a Tu’i Tonga is a design that was inspired by this traditional and artistic lashing that was created on the King’s house. 

The Tokelaufeletoa is a traditional Tongan design that originated in Northern Feletoa Vava’u. The word Tokelau meaning north, and Feletoa being the village where the design originated is how the name came about. The inspiration for the design itself came from a Tongan leaf.


Vela Tie Grey

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