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Malo e lelei and Aloha!  My name is Sonatane Falevai, or Tane for short. I was born in the South Pacific on a small island named Tongatapu in the beautiful kingdom of Tonga.  I was raised in Tonga, and had the privilege of attending grade school and high school there.  I participated in many extracurricular activities growing up, such as Rugby and Sumo Wrestling (which allowed me to travel to Japan).  I took my first formal art class in High School at the age of 16.  This is when I discovered my passion and talent for art. The following year, I began winning awards in regional art competitions in the Pacific.


I attended Brigham Young University-Hawaii and graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Sculpting, a bachelors in painting and a certificate in graphic design.  My emphasis and specialty is Polynesian Art.  After graduation, I decided to use my newly learned skills to work and develop my craft at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii. I am currently working at the Cultural Center doing graphic design and carving and performing as a lead role in the Center's nightly production "Ha Breath of Life".  My education and experience have helped me to become a well respected artist, but I still constantly look for ways to improve and be the best of the best. With the talent and passion I have, I enjoy putting all of my effort into giving each customer a piece of Polynesia.  I want each customer to be satisfied that his or her piece fully expresses the Polynesian culture, and does so in the most professional and exquisite way. 

This is a clip of Tane performing a traditional Samoan fire knife dance. 

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