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This 100% silk tie is a representation of many of the islands of the South Pacific.  Each design comes from a different Polynesian island and culture.  Starting from the bottom of the tie and moving up, the designs are as follows

Tahiti –  This Tahitian design is called Enata.  The design characterizes life experiences, birth, rank in society, etc.  It can also be used in combination to denote relationships, such as marriage, family, relatives and friends.
Tonga – This stripe contains two Tongan designs.  The first design is Fata’o Tu’i Tonga which mimics the lashing of sennit bindings (a type of cord made by plaiting strands of coconut husk) that hold and support the central beam of the King’s house which support the thatched roof.  The second design is Tokelaufeletoa, which is the leaf design, it symbolizes nature and the peace that nature provides.
New Zealand – This design, named Mangopare, represents the hammerhead shark which are guardians of the ocean.  The design symbolizes natural abundance, strength and fortitude.
Hawaiian – The arrows in this design signify one taking a journey, while the negative spaces between the arrows show the return from one’s journey.  This embodies the Hawaiian tradition of what you give comes back to you.
Samoa – The name of this design is “niho mano”.   This design is symbolic of the ferocity, power and courage of the shark.  The shark is the god of all Polynesian people, which is another reason this design is popular.  This design is commonly seen in Samoan tattoos.
Fiji - This design is called Makare, it represents clear water flowing on a beautiful white sand beach.

Classic Polynesian Tie- Black and White

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